Nov 6, 2023

Frontend Engineer (ReactJS/NextJS)

Frontend Engineer (ReactJS/NextJS)


  • Work closely with Product Manager, Product Designer, and other developers to deliver the product

  • Resolve challenging technical issues

  • Design solutions to provide what service needs

  • Build, test, deploy, and improve the quality of the software

  • Contribute to improving toolset and development experience

Our technical stack

We use Next.js for the front end. On the backend, we are on the move of incorporating GraphQL and Prisma to enable Next.js even further. A big part of the backend is written in Golang and Java at the moment.

The application is split into multiple microservices, deployed onto a Docker Swarm infrastructure, and use MongoDB.

We plan to move our Database toward PostgreSQL with Prisma to speed up development even further. As such, you'll see a lot of moving pieces, but that's gonna be a chance to learn and grow as an engineer.

Skill and experience

  • Have a strong technical skill; we do expect any team members to be very strong in Javascript and Typescript, communicating with Backend via API, Websocket

  • Familiar with Javascript and Typescript ecosystem, experience in utilizing libraries as well as creating libraries to be used by the team.

  • Have an open mind, can-but-not-blindly-do attitude. You have a "can-do" attitude, which is already very cool, but you also must be able to pause and ask, "should we do it."

  • Understand the value of writing test

  • Professional and be a TEAM PLAYER, because we can move nowhere without a team.

  • Keep yourself updated, Javascript ecosystem is moving too fast to be outdated

  • A plus if you frequently contribute to opensource projects (please give us a reference link if applicable)

  • A plus if you have given talked to conference (please give us reference link if applicable)


  • Extensive experience working with Javascript and Typescript

  • Experience in Javascript and Typescript build and bundle tools (like Webpack, NextJS, Parcel etc)

  • Experience with writing Unit tests, integration test, and end-to-end test using frameworks like (Jest, AVA, Cypress, Playwright, etc)

  • Strong experience in styling and responsive

  • Understand HTTP, Websocket and Web security protocols

  • 3+ years of relevant experience

  • Big plus if you have experience in Golang, or know how to work with Golang codebase previously

  • Big plus if you have experience in NodeJS and working as a fullstack in a React fullstack project

Interview process

  • You'll be given a straightforward screening test at application (may take around 3 hours). Please give us a submission timeline once you fully understand the requirement. After the submission, we'll give you the feedback within a working day

  • The next step is a face-to-face interview with the CTO, where we'll talk about technical skills and experience. The interview will be around 2 hours.

  • After that, there'll be peer to peer interview where you'll have a chance to know more about your teammates (Product Manager, Designer, and other developers). We will give the ultimate result within 3 working days.

Why should you be excited to join us?

  • Salary: Negotiable salary according to ability.

  • A lot of ownership of your work. We tackle challenges, as a team

  • Very open environment, no hierarchy, we want you to be the change you seek

  • Competitive salary. We pay what you deserve, not what the paper says

  • Salary band per level and employee benefits are reviewed twice per year

  • 100% salary during the probation period

  • Grab support to work at a beautiful office in D2 with snacks and coffee at the pantry

  • High-tech gear to support your work: Apple laptops, an extra monitor, etc.

  • Up to 13 days of annual leaves with a loyalty program of up to 100 mils, and national holidays

  • Additional 03 days off: Christmas leave (25/12), Vietnamese Family Day (28/6), Birthday leave

  • Premium Health Insurance for you and your family

  • 13th-month bonus salary

  • Big chance to grow as a person. We use Event storming, Service Blueprint, Empathy map, and a lot of modern toolsets to make our life easier and we are eager to share that with you

  • Sick leave support; and lots of activities.

If you are passionate about this position and would like to become part of the Silentium team, please send an e-mail to with your resume and your earliest possible starting date.

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Have an idea or a project you’d like to discuss?

95-97 Nguyen Co Thach, HCMC

Have an idea or a project you’d like to discuss?

95-97 Nguyen Co Thach, HCMC

Have an idea or a project you’d like to discuss?

95-97 Nguyen Co Thach, HCMC